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Two young activists Vin on the left and Jacob on the right standing with their back to the camera showing the back of their shirts saying 'Fuel Us Don't Fool Us'. They are standing in a dark, dimly lit event space surrounded by other attendees.

Energy Drinks Have Become The Social Currency Of The Play Ground

The truth about how children are being targeted by big food companies

Dev is a young brown-skinned man with short black hair and a light blue shirt on. He is stood in front of Westminster with a serious expression on his face and is holding up a protest sign that reads ‘we’re biting back’

House of Lords Inquiry

Bite Back activists launch report exposing big businesses' manipulation of children through the packaging of unhealthy foods

A digivan parked in front of the Ferrero head quarters showing the Ferrero sign. On the screen is displayed our billboard. A small child sitting in the middle and hands looming over the child with burgers and sugary cereal. It carries the message "Fuel Us Don't Fool Us"

What's Behind Fuel Us Don't Fool Us?

A behind the scenes look at our campaign "Fuel Us Don't Fool Us" and why we decided to tackle this issue.

Two young people stood in front of a digivan that displays a billboard that says ‘junk food giants have us surrounded.’ Emmanuel is a young black man with short hair, he is wearing a Bite Back hoodie and black jeans. Reuben is a tall young man with long curly hair and a short beard, he is also wearing a Bite Back hoodie.

Young Campaigners Call Time On Global Food Companies

Sir Patrick Vallance backs young people’s call to ‘Fuel Us, Don’t Fool Us’

Uniting Communities To Fight For Better School Food

Since our School Food Champions kicked off in September, teams from all across the country have joined forces to help drive change.

A diverse group of young people are standing on a green luscious lawn framed by trees. They are being photographed from above and are cheering, holding thumbs up and raising their fists in excitement. Some hold signs saying things like "Bite Back", "Fork The System" & "Fuel Us Don't Fool Us!"

Biting Back In 2023

It has been an extraordinary and busy year for us. Check out our biggest moments of 2023!

Young activist Liya a young brown woman with long straight dark hair and glasses holding a protest sign which says "Bite Back — Fuel Us Don't Fool Us". She is surrounded by some fellow activists including Sam, Vin and Oli P.

Businesses and Government: It's Time To Step Up!

Breaking news: Bite Back’s latest research shows the majority of young people across the UK want the Government & businesses to step up to improve our health.

Anne is a white woman with a blonde bob cut. She is wearing a red coat with a black top underneath and is stood in front of a brick wall and smiling at the camera.

The Former Children’s Commissioner is Our New Chair!

Meet our new Board Chair, Anne Longfield.

The Nestlé logo on the side of a building.

Sugarcoating the Facts? The Verdict on Nestlé’s “Healthier Sales” Commitments

The target that Nestlé announced is another disappointment.

A school dining room, where a counter displays a range of healthy options, such as bread, a large container of soup and fruit. On top there is a banner that states the name as 'Raynham Restaurant' in large navy letters on a turquoise background with red piping at the bottom

Case Study: George Abbot School

Get an inside look at the work done by one of our School Food Champions schools, and the changes they've made since starting the programme!

A collage displaying junk food advertising

New Stats Show Fast Food Giants Spending Record Sums on Marketing Tactics as Food Prices Soar

As the cost of living crisis deepens and household budgets get stretched, the biggest names in fast food are spending record amounts promoting their products to us and our children.

Victor a young black man wearing a dark shirt standing in front of No. 10

A Journey Towards Lunchtime Equality — My Campaign for Free School Meals During Exam Time

A testament to the power of grassroots activism and the impact young people can have when we stand up for what we believe in.