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Emmanuel, a young black male with short hair, is sat around a table with a woman that has reddish hair and a white man with short brown hair. They are surrounded by pens and paper, and are having a discussion.

Community Food Champions Are Leading Change

Youth Board member Emmanuel tells us about his meeting with Community Food Champion campaigners in his local area.

Victor standing together with two fellow activists holding a protest sign in front of Big Ben. He is a black young man with short cropped hair, wearing a black jacker and gray T-shirt holding a sign that reads "I believe in...putting Child Health First."

Dear Jeremy Hunt: Don’t Give Up On Me, Don’t Give Up On Young People

Now more than ever, time is running out. Let’s put child health first!

A large group of Community Food Champions sitting together in a yellow wood panelled room with bulb lights.

Over 750 Young People Join Community Food Champions

A tidal-wave of young people from all over the country joined Bite Back in 4 successful launch events as Community Food Champions back in 2022. Read on to find out more about what went down at these events!

A school canteen counter which has a large soup pot, with 'tomato soup' written on it and in front of the pot, there are gold decorative ornaments spelling out soup. Next to the pot of soup, there is a sign showing meal deals and behind that, a bowl of ho

What’s Really Going On With School Food?

We surveyed our School Food Champions cohort — almost 1,000 pupils — to get the lowdown on school food.

A group of young people standing in front of Kelloggs headquarters with the famous chicken on a red brick building behind them. They are wearing white shorts and have wheelbarrows with mud in front of them.

Tony The Tiger Found Toothless — Kellogg's Loses Legal Challenge

How Kelloggs lost their legal challenge against the Government regarding new regulations that limit how unhealthy food and drinks can be promoted in shops.

All attendees of the Food System Accelerator launch posing for a photo on the steps outside the venue in front of a yellow wall with a wooden door. They are holding signs signifying their companies (Tesco, Innocent, KFC, Deliveroo, Danone, Compass and Jamie Oliver)

“We Need A Level Playing Field”

Businesses Support More Government Action

A tall, young black woman with shoulder length braids and wearing a medium length beige coat is holding a microphone and stood in front of a projected screen addressing an audience. The audience are sat on yellow chairs and facing the presenter in a semi-circle, while a camera on a tripod records fr

Young People In London Call On Councils To Take Action On Junk Food Ads

Members of the Youth Board met with council representatives and public health specialists from London boroughs to present their manifesto to end junk food advertising in London in February 2022.

Victor, a young black male in a grey hoodie, is leaning over a table and writing on a yellow sheet of paper.

Don’t Starve Britain’s Young People Of A Chance At A Healthy Future

Victor shares his experience with free school meals in this blog, and why they continue to be significant for young people.

Anisah a young brown girl with long brown hair wearing a dark shirt talking animatedly to fellow activists.

Why I Spent Years Eating Jacket Potatoes and Plain Pasta

I was called a picky eater, but really — I just had my options taken away.

A young woman standing on a platform speaks through a microphone to a larger crowd.

Finally: No More Junk Ads Before 9pm

We’re delighted that the Prime Minister has taken concrete action for child health with a 9pm watershed for junk food ads.

Dev is a young brown-skinned man with short black hair and a light blue shirt on. He is stood in front of Westminster with a serious expression on his face and is holding up a protest sign that reads ‘we’re biting back’

We’d #AdEnough , and so we changed the law!

Dev shares his story about campaigning against junk food ads that led to the restrictions being passed by the Government in 2021.

Does Your School Food Pass The Test?

Get the low-down on school food standards, and use our handy guide to find out if your school food fits the standard!