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A group of young people standing in front of Kelloggs headquarters with the famous chicken on a red brick building behind them. They are wearing white shorts and have wheelbarrows with mud in front of them.

Tony The Tiger Found Toothless — Kellogg's Loses Legal Challenge

How Kelloggs lost their legal challenge against the Government regarding new regulations that limit how unhealthy food and drinks can be promoted in shops.

A tall, young black woman with shoulder length braids and wearing a medium length beige coat is holding a microphone and stood in front of a projected screen addressing an audience. The audience are sat on yellow chairs and facing the presenter in a semi-circle, while a camera on a tripod records fr

Young People In London Call On Councils To Take Action On Junk Food Ads

Members of the Youth Board met with council representatives and public health specialists from London boroughs to present their manifesto to end junk food advertising in London in February 2022.

Anisah a young brown girl with long brown hair wearing a dark shirt talking animatedly to fellow activists.

Why I Spent Years Eating Jacket Potatoes and Plain Pasta

I was called a picky eater, but really — I just had my options taken away.