The Former Children’s Commissioner is Our New Chair!

Meet our new Board Chair, Anne Longfield.

Anne is a white woman with a blonde bob cut. She is wearing a red coat with a black top underneath and is stood in front of a brick wall and smiling at the camera.

Bite Back has an announcement! We’ve appointed Anne Longfield CBE as our new Chair of Trustees. Anne has a long history of supporting the life chances of children, formerly as Children's Commissioner and currently as Chair of the Commission on Young Lives.

Anne takes up the position on the brink of an exciting new chapter for us at Bite Back, with the launch of our new brand and narrative, calling on the government and food industry to do more to protect children's health. We introduced Anne at our launch event on 28th September, which was hosted by our young activists and attended by people of influence from across sectors.

I have been an admirer of Bite Back since the very beginning and am delighted to be able to give my support to such an important cause. It is the talent, bravery and commitment of all the young people involved that make Bite Back a unique and special organisation and I look forward to doing what I can to make certain the voices of those young people are heard by power.

Anne Longfield

Board Chair

James Toop, our Chief Executive said, "We are delighted that Anne is joining Bite Back as our new Chair. She has been a champion of young people's voices and their rights and supporter of Bite Back since we launched four years ago. As we start the next chapter of our strategy, our young people, team and Board are excited about working with Anne to have a greater impact by helping more young people have a voice to make the food system healthier and fairer."

Anne Longfield takes over from internationally renowned food systems specialist Corinna Hawkes who recently relocated to Italy to take up a new post as Director of Food Systems and Food Safety Division for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.