Take Action

Young activists Dev & Maya are standing on a busy pavement in front of a digivan that displays an image of hands reaching towards a child with burgers and candy and the caption 'Junk Food has us surrounded". They are speaking to a camera man holding a large camera. Dev is a young brown man with his black hair cut into a bowl cut and thick eye brows and Maya is a girl with a very pale complexion and dirty blonde straight hair . Both are wearing dark hoodies that show the iconic Bite Back logo.

Tell Big Food CEOs: Protect Our Health — Our Open Letter

UK’s biggest food and drink companies are reliant on selling food that harms our health. Sign our open letter to the Top 10 asking them to prioritise child health.

The Gut Punch: Quiz Yourself

Before joining the fight, we need to know our enemy. So who or what are we biting back against? Let’s put your knowledge to the test…

Quiz Yourself on Junk Food Marketing

Junk food giants are fooling us every minute of every day. But how much do you really know about what’s going on behind the scenes?

Quiz Yourself on School Food

Think you know what the state of school food looks like across the country? Take this quiz to find out the truth.