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A teenage girl wearing a Bite Back t-shirt dribbles a football around some cones.

Let’s Kick Junk Food Out of Sport

We love sports. What we don’t love is when our favourite players, teams, and tournaments are covered in ads for junk food that damages our health.

5 young girls in black shirts with a white round Bite Back logo stand in front of 6 footballers clad in blue football jerseys with a pink Bite Back logo.

The #PacketIn Pledge

We challenge all sports clubs to sign up to our #PacketIn Pledge. Let’s bin junk food sponsorship today.

The Gut Punch: Quiz Yourself

Before joining the fight, we need to know our enemy. So who or what are we biting back against? Let’s put your knowledge to the test…

Let’s End the School Food Postcode Lottery

At school, everyone should have access to the healthy food they need. It’s that simple — but it’s not always happening. We’re here to change that.

Quiz Yourself on Junk Food Marketing

Junk food giants are fooling us every minute of every day. But how much do you really know about what’s going on behind the scenes?

Quiz Yourself on School Food

Think you know what the state of school food looks like across the country? Take this quiz to find out the truth.

Victor standing together with two fellow activists holding a protest sign in front of Big Ben. He is a black young man with short cropped hair, wearing a black jacker and gray T-shirt holding a sign that reads "I believe in...putting Child Health First."

Unlocking Our Potential With Free School Meals

Let’s call on the Secretary of State for Education to provide free school meals to all children who need them.