Amazing young activists like you drive us to great things. We owe you something in return. As a charity, it’s our responsibility to take care of you — it’s called our duty of care. That means providing a safe environment where we respect each other, and we have each other’s backs. To do that, we need to keep an eye on a lot of things.

We’re alert to harm and abuse anywhere. This includes the Bite Back team, and all our activists — whether you’re under 18 or a young adult.

You can help us out too, by:

  • Helping us create and maintain a safe, inclusive environment for everyone
  • Reporting any concerns, suspicions to one of our team. This could be about a situation involving yourself, or other young people
  • Making sure you stick to our Safeguarding Policy

Raising a Safeguarding Concern

If you have any concerns about the safety or well being of any of the young people working with Bite Back, or you’ve seen or heard about a safeguarding incident, Nicki Whiteman or Sara Zarkov-Diard are the best persons to chat to as our Designated Safeguarding Lead. You can reach Sara on