Our Activists

A group of young people posing with a sign that says 'we're biting back' in red and black writing. They are stood in an open field, with strong facial expressions like they are mimicking a lion's roar, and baring their teeth. Some of the young people have their fists raised.

We are a youth activist movement challenging a food system that’s been set up to fool us all. From all over the country, we each bring our own story and experience to send a loud message to the food giants: fuel us, don’t fool us.

We ask you to imagine — and demand — a world where global food companies are held to higher standards. Where government policymakers protect us by regulating 'Big Food’. And where schools are a safe space, free from the corrupting influence of junk food.

Over the last four years, we’ve driven big change. From pushing the UK Government to extend free school meals during lockdown, to helping local schools, businesses and councils create grassroots impact: we’re proud of the work we’ve done to protect child health. But there’s so much more to do — and that’s where you come in.

Our Youth Board

Leading From The Front

We are Bite Back’s Youth Board, 70 passionate young activists who call out the manipulation of junk food giants whenever and wherever we see it. Together, we demand a higher standard from food marketing, and from everyday food itself. And we mobilise other young people in the fight for better food: protesting outside Parliament, applying positive pressure to big business, and sharing our stories with the world.

Bite Back in Schools

Changing Schools From The Inside

Let’s end the beige buffet of school food. We are 12,000 pupils biting back in 200 schools across the country — getting informed, working with teachers and canteens, and leading activism to make sure we all have access to healthy and nutritious food throughout our school day.

School Food Champion pupils

Bite Back in Communities

Making A Difference In Our Local Areas

Right now, our high streets are flooded with unhealthy options — and we’re surrounded by manipulative marketing. Too often, only the wealthy can afford the food we need to be healthy. We are 550 local activists working with councillors, businesses, and youth spaces to change this.

Community Food Champions

How We Act

In everything we do, we aspire to be…

  • Real: Straight up about our experiences, transparent about our motives, and in it because we believe in it. We have nothing to gain but our health.
  • Resilient: We won't give up. We will always advocate for change. Setbacks don’t set us back. We are a Bite Back family.
  • Respectful: We value every voice equally. We are a place where you can be yourself and express yourself freely. We listen.
  • Fresh: Focused on new ideas, change, and new ways of thinking. Committed to staying surprising.
  • Energetic: Loud, young, dynamic and smart.
Destiny holding values poster