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We believe every young person deserves access to healthy, nutritious food, no matter where they live — but right now, that’s not our reality. Join the movement for change.

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Enticing, Effective and Everywhere

We published a new report on how brands are keeping unhealthy food and drink in the spotlight with digital marketing to young people.


Free School Meals: Our Stories

Our health, education and futures can’t wait. It’s time for urgent action. Call on Rishi Sunak to give free school meals to the children who need them now.


Dear Jeremy Hunt: Don't Give Up On Me, Don't Give Up On Young People

School Food Champions

What's Really Going On With School Food?

We asked our School Food Champions, almost 1,000 of them, what they thought about their school food. 


Our Impact in 2022 — What An Incredible Year!

Take a look back with us by going through the highlights.


Don’t Starve Britain’s Young People of a Chance at a Healthy Future


Young People in London Call on Councils to Take Action on Junk Food Ads


Why I Spent Years Eating Jacket Potatoes and Plain Pasta

I was called a picky eater but really — I just had my options taken away.


Big Win: UK Government Promises to Enforce the School Food Standards!

The UK Government today made a big announcement on levelling up school food across the country.


How To Be a Powerful Campaigner: What I Learned From Christina Adane

Find out more and listen to Christina's mini class to get set on your path to become a campaigner today!


How Fast Food Giants Capitalise on Young People Online in a Broken Food System

We must not only address individual changes people can make in their lives but most of all our broken food system.

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