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What's Bite Back?


Why Bite Back?

From the moment we are born junk food has us surrounded.

Giant food companies flood our world with their products, then manipulate us using cute, colourful, clever marketing. They deceive us with packaging, and pump millions into making sure their junk-filled products are always in the spotlight. It’s constantly being forced down our throats. It’s the cultural wallpaper. It’s hidden in the small print.

Now, it’s endangering the health of a generation. The good news? It’s totally preventable. And we’re biting back.

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Know Our Enemy

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Arm yourself with the truth about the global food system and the unscrupulous tactics of junk food giants.

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Back in 2022, our Youth Board set out on a mission — to expose the flood of junk food ads infiltrating our lives. First, we took to the streets to collect evidence of the problem — which wasn’t hard to find. With posters of soda, shakes, and sugar-filled snacks flooding our streets. The next stage...