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General Election 2024

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A general election has been called for July 4th. Read our full manifesto to find out what we are calling for the next Government to do.

The Change We Want

Maya and Dev two Bite Back activists sit on a bench in front of a brick wall. It could be a station platform. Maya and Dev are holding up junk food products such as Kinder chocolate bars and Kinder surprises or Jammie Dodgers. Maya is making a face that suggests she is confused why she is being bombarded by these products and fed up with it.

Our latest campaign is here — and it may be our biggest one yet. Our new research reveals: 7 of the top 10 global food businesses are reliant on selling unhealthy products. The same number are also using child-friendly tactics to market unhealthy products to kids. The findings are jaw dropping – but we’re doing something about them, and we need your help.

Sign our open letter to get involved.

Why Bite Back?

From the moment we are born junk food has us surrounded.

Giant food companies flood our world with their products, then manipulate us using cute, colourful, clever marketing. They deceive us with packaging, and pump millions into making sure their junk-filled products are always in the spotlight. It’s constantly being forced down our throats. It’s the cultural wallpaper. It’s hidden in the small print.

Now, it’s endangering the health of a generation. The good news? It’s totally preventable. And we’re biting back.

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Know Our Enemy

Junk food collage

Arm yourself with the truth about the global food system and the unscrupulous tactics of junk food giants.

Join Our Schools Movement

School Food Champion pupils

Applications are now open to join Bite Back in Schools — join our fully funded, fully resourced programme for Key Stage 3.

Our Activism

Your stories

A group of young people standing in a grassy field holding protest signs and cheering


Breaking news: Bite Back’s latest research shows the majority of young people across the UK want the Government & businesses to step up to improve our health.