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children have their future health at risk

We’re facing a global epidemic of food-related ill health. Almost 1 in 3 children aged 2-15 are at risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease in their futures. The good news? We can stop it. From fighting for good food in our schools, to biting back against giant companies that exploit our health for profit, we can all take action.

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15 billion

online ads bombard us with junk food every year

From the moment we’re born, every second of every day, we’re targeted. Giant companies manipulate us from childhood with cute, colourful, clever marketing. They deceive us with packaging claims, and flood us with products that are full of junk. They pump millions of dollars into advertising every single year because of one simple fact: it works. But it comes at a huge cost to our health. So how can they get away with it?

I get more texts from Uber Eats than from my grandma.


Youth Board Activist

Birmingham Youth Board Protesting McDonalds Ad February 2022


of school food isn't good enough

Our schools should be a safe space. Why should we be flooded with junk when we’re trying to learn? Right now, it’s a total postcode lottery — the food in your school canteen might be totally different to what your mate down the road gets served. But it gets worse: over half of schools don’t even meet legal standards. This has to change! Learn your rights, then help us bite back to make school food better for everyone.

We are the future generation and our voices deserve to be heard.


Youth Board Activist


kids are missing out on free school meals

Why should only the wealthy have the chance to be healthy? We all deserve access to good food at school: it shouldn’t be about our background, or where we live. The cost of living crisis makes this harder than ever for too many of us, and yet 900,000 children living in poverty in this country still can’t get free school meals. The people in power need to step up and fix it.

Free school meals would save money, boost health, and improve my school life.


Youth Board Activist

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