Our Manifesto

Five young people standing on Parliament square in front of Parliament looking ready to bite back at the food system.

Be on the right side of history. Politicians have the power to change the food system. It’s time to act now to protect the health of our generation.

Bite Back activist

We’re facing a global epidemic of food-related ill health. Almost 1 in 3 children aged 2-15 are at higher risk of food related illness in their futures.

The good news? This is totally preventable.

The better news? The General Election is coming up and we have a huge opportunity to get child health at the top of the political agenda. Whether this is your first time following an election, or you're a seasoned politico — read and share our manifesto with your friends and family!

What are we calling for?

Bite Back’s Manifesto

Whatever happens at the next election, the next Government will have the power to bring in new policies that will impact all of our lives. We are urging all political parties to commit to protecting children’s health with the following measures:

Hold big food companies to higher healthier standards, protecting children

All children deserve to grow up free from targeting by junk food giants on their phones, social media feeds and on their way to school. Yet vital new junk food marketing laws have not been fully implemented and food companies are free to plaster cute, cuddly cartoons and misleading health claims over unhealthy foods.

Ensure all children have access to healthy, nutritious food throughout their school day

Children spend around 190 days in school every year — one of the only places where access to nutritious food can be guaranteed, enabling all children to thrive. But for too many children, this is not their reality. 900,000 children living in poverty miss out on free school meals and the food that is most affordable and available to teenagers is often low quality.

Rebalance the wider food system through new commercial incentives

The food industry is locked in a cycle which makes it more profitable to produce highly processed, unhealthy food — meaning junk food floods our world and is more affordable than healthy options. We need to shift incentives towards healthy and sustainable food.

Create the right conditions to make high streets healthy

The places young people spend time in are flooded with unhealthy food options, with the most deprived areas worst affected. National planning policy can better protect children by allowing councils to prioritise health in planning decisions.

Explore a ‘net zero’ equivalent target for health and build on successful climate policies

The introduction of a carbon net zero target has had a profound effect in mobilising change. What could this look like for health?