Bite Back in Schools

Two girls in school uniform look at a sheet of paper on a table, taking part in a Bite Back in Schools session.

School food isn’t good enough. Help us stop the flood of junk and put tasty, healthy food back in the spotlight.

You deserve access to healthy, nutritious food at school. But that's not what usually happens. Instead, you’re served up a beige buffet packed with junk. We think that’s not good enough. So we’ve been shaking things up from the inside with our Bite Back in Schools programme.

Since 2021, over 2000 passionate young people like you have joined our movement. Together, we’re helping to build a world where we all have the chance to be healthy, no matter where we go to school.

Our young activists have had a wake-up call about how junk food giants have rigged the system to fool us all. And they’ve turned their anger into action, leading projects that deliver real change in their schools and local communities.

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Our Schools

Our impact

We’ve seen some amazing results in schools across the country, where passionate young people like you have stood up and challenged the way it’s always been done, and proposed smart solutions that are really making a difference. These include:

Putting Healthy Foods in the Spotlight

From swapping in brown rice and brown bread to boosting the fruit and vegetable count, our young activists have had plenty of winning ideas to make their canteens healthier. These include salad bars, vegetable pots, hummus baguettes, and vegetarian curries. One school even launched an outdoor kiosk selling healthy cold food.

Shaking Up Snack Options

Many snacks are sky-high in fat, sugar and salt – but there may not be enough delicious healthy alternatives. Our young activists set out to change that with plenty more fruit choices, lower-sugar options such as porridge, and healthier recipes for cakes and flapjacks.

Stopping the Flood of Unhealthy Food

Our young activists across the country have made a stand against unhealthy options, kicking out foods that are packed with fat, sugar and salt. Ormiston River Academy found a smart way to keep Belgian waffles on the menu by changing the recipe to a low-sugar alternative.

Boosting Essential Hydration

Our young activists have also highlighted the importance of drinking plenty of water instead of sugary soft drinks. George Abbot School introduced more water fountains so everyone can get a drink for free. Other schools found that adding natural flavours like fruit, cucumber and fresh mint to water was very popular. And enterprising activists at Huxlow Academy landed sponsorship from Tesco and Wilkos to give free reusable water bottles to all Year 7 pupils!

Making Room to Eat Comfortably

At some schools, our young activists have addressed the issue of limited canteen space by working with staff to increase the amount of seating available. This gives more people the opportunity to sit and eat a healthier plated meal instead of a grab-and-go snack option.

The change I want to see at my school is for students to have equal access to a good amount of food that is affordable; both students who do and don’t receive free school meals.

Youth panellist, 16

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