5 young girls in black shirts with a white round Bite Back logo stand in front of 6 footballers clad in blue football jerseys with a pink Bite Back logo.

Junk food sponsoring sport? It makes as much sense as the climate crisis sponsoring polar bears. It’s ridiculous. But so many teams have partnerships with junk food brands.

We’re here to change that — and we need your help!

Clubs can sign our simple pledge to demonstrate a public commitment to having no partnerships with junk food brands.

The more clubs that sign our #PacketIn Pledge, the louder our collective voices will be. Junk food brands are not welcome in sport — so let’s tell them. Send an email to ask your team to sign the pledge!

Bite Back's #PacketIn Pledge

As role models for health and wellbeing, sports clubs like us have a unique opportunity to promote good health among our fans. We’re happy to make a public commitment that will see us:

  • Meet with Bite Back’s young campaigners to better understand how unhealthy food and drink sponsorships in sports negatively impact their health.
  • Declare any existing relationships with any food and drink companies and the length of time remaining on any deals.
  • Decline any new sponsorship or marketing deals, or any renewals of current contracts, that have the effect of promoting unhealthy diets to children and young people.
  • Consider introducing a Healthy Sports Advertising Policy to future proof all sponsorships and marketing deals by putting child health first.
  • Actively seek opportunities to shift the spotlight onto healthy and affordable sponsors and advertisements.