From the moment we’re born, every second of every day, giant food companies target us with cute, colourful, clever marketing tactics. At Bite Back, we’re sick to our stomachs of the never ending bombardment of junk food ads on our screens! On our TV, on our computers, and on our phones — we are surrounded!

It doesn’t have to be this way! The new Secretary of State for Health, Victoria Atkins, has an opportunity to protect our health and regulate the tactics used by food companies. This includes banning junk food ads online, and on TV before 9pm. Right now, almost 1 in 3 young people are at future risk of food-related ill health. 1 in 3! At the same time, junk food has us surrounded. Molly, Bite Back Activist says “The food system’s sly tactics gamble with every child’s health”.

There are steps the Secretary of State needs to take now to make sure the ban comes into force in 2025 — and we can’t afford any more delays! The Advertising Standards Agency published their consultation on the new regulations in December 2023, but there is a lot more that needs to happen and businesses want certainty. Industry lobbying has delayed restrictions in the past. Now is the time to act.

Email Secretary of State for Health, Victoria Aktins and ask her to make protecting child health a priority in 2024!

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Parliament has already passed these restrictions into law, and the ban should be in force right now, but the Government keeps stalling. The ban was due to begin on 1st January 2023, then 1st January 2024, and now the Government says the ban won’t come in until October 2025 — after the next general election!

We know advertising works. That’s why companies spend millions of pounds each year on it. Evidence shows that when children see ads for junk food it influences what they want to eat and how much they eat.

At Bite Back, we think the bombardment of junk food ads across our screens needs to stop. The good news is, we have the power to change this. This new law is our best shot. Every day counts, every day that we live free from junk food advertising makes a difference to our health.

Email Secretary of State for Health, Victoria Atkins, and urge her to take action now to end junk food ads online, and on TV before 9pm!

What's Next?

We want to get Victoria Atkin’s attention. It’s important that she hears what we have to say. The more actions we take, the more likely we are to be heard. Will you take another action to make sure our voices are heard?