Record a Video: Tell Victoria Atkins to Protect Child Health

At Bite Back, we’ve had enough of the never ending junk food ads that show up on our screens! We’re surrounded by junk food. You may have already sent an email to Victoria Atkins, and shared your story with us about how your family are being bombarded by junk food ads. Now, we want the Secretary of State for Health to hear from you directly.

The food system’s sly tactics gamble with every child’s health.


Bite Back Activist

Victoria Atkins, UK Government Secretary of State for Health, has the power and responsibility to protect our health and regulate the tactics used by food companies. This includes banning junk food ads online, and on TV before 9pm.

The ban was due to begin January 2023, then January 2024, and now the Government says the ban won’t come in until October 2025 — after the next general election!

We want Victoria Atkins to take action now to protect our health.

Record a message for Secretary of State for Health and we’ll edit it into one message from Bite Back supporters and shared on social media.*

Points you might want to include in your video:

  • Junk food has us surrounded. From the moment we’re born, every second of every day, we’re targeted with clever marketing tactics.
  • And we’re sick to our stomachs of the never ending flood of junk food ads on our screens!
  • [Add your own examples or stories of how you have been bombarded with junk food ads on your screens].
  • Secretary of State, you have the power and the responsibility to protect child health. Please take action now to end junk food ads on TV and online before 9pm.
  • Will you make protecting child health the first thing you do in your new role?

* Please note that your submitted video will be edited into one message from Bite Back supporters and shared on social media. By submitting the video you give permission for the message to be shared on social media. 


Record a Video for Victoria Atkins

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