Share Your Message With Nestlé

Young activist Liya with a Bite Back Fuel Us Don't Fool Us. Liya is a brown woman with long dark hair tied into a pony tail strands falling into her face. Her face is split into a beaming smile and she is holding high a white poster with the wording 'Bite Back Fuel Us Don't Fool Us'.

Hear “Nestlé” and you probably think of Kit Kat bars and the Nesquik bunny, but they’re responsible for far more unhealthy brands. Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisps, Quality Street, Milkybar…the list goes on. They call themselves the Good Food, Good life company but 70% of their 2022 sales came from unhealthy products.

Now, we have a chance to change that. On 18 April, Nestle's shareholders (people who own a stake in the company) are voting on whether or not to publicly commit to selling more healthy products, and less unhealthy ones.

If this passes it would be a huge win for our health and our futures. Imagine if all of the marketing and innovation behind the £1252.1 million Nestlé makes in unhealthy food sales went into putting affordable, healthy food on our supermarket shelves.

We need them to know how important this is to us. Send us your message for Nestle and we'll send it to them ahead of the vote!

What's An AGM You Ask?

Good question! An AGM is a yearly meeting when the directors present on the company's performance and strategy to all of its shareholders (people who own a stake in the company).

This AGM is a biggie for child health. A group of Nestlé shareholders have secured a vote on whether or not the company should publicly commit to selling more healthy food, and less junk.

We have a chance to tell Nestlé why they should take action! And we want to share your message directly with them. If you could give Nestlé one reason why they need to make selling more healthy food and less junk a business priority, what would you say?

Share Your Message With Nestlé

Your message is important to us. We may share it on our social channels to show Nestle that the public cares about child health. We will always do this anonymously. When you send us your message, we will accept this as permission to share your story anonymously on our social channels.

Are you sick of Nestlé making millions from selling unhealthy products? Tell Nestlé why it's important to you that they take action NOW.