At school, everyone should have access to the healthy food they need. It’s that simple — but it’s not always happening. We’re here to change that.

Demand Better School Food for Everyone

Did you know that, by law, schools must guarantee every kid in the UK access to nutritious food in school? It’s called the School Food Standards. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, when we spoke to 13-18 year olds across the country in 2021, they revealed a harsh truth. School food is a postcode lottery, and far too many schools still don’t meet these standards. So Bite Back sprung into action. We spoke to MPs and Government decision-makers, and our campaigning paid off: the Government launched a pilot to monitor and actually enforce the standards.

On top of this, each year, over 900,000 children across england are missing out on free school meals. Free school meals can lead to improvements to physical and mental health plus improved education attainment and potential lifetime earnings. Free school meals are an investment in the futures’ of children and the future of our economy, yet too many children are missing out.

"Free school meals level the playing field by providing equal opportunities for everyone to succeed in school." Mia, 16

Bite Back is asking the government to provide free school meals to all children who need them but are currently missing out, and to ensure that school meals are the nutritious meal children need to learn and thrive. We hope to have updates on this campaign very soon!

Bite Back is an independent charity and does not align its policy positions with any political party.