Give Free School Meals to All Who Need Them

Right now, 900,000 young people living in poverty in England still can’t access free school meals. That’s outrageous — so let’s fix it. We’ve been campaigning for over a year to extend free school meals to the kids who need it most. If you agree, make your voice heard and contact the Secretary of State for Education.

Ask the Secretary of State for Education to widen access to free school meals now!

Demand Better School Food for Everyone

Did you know that, by law, schools must guarantee every kid in the UK access to nutritious food in school? It’s called the School Food Standards. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, when we spoke to 13-18 year olds across the country in 2021, they revealed a harsh truth. School food is a postcode lottery, and far too many schools still don’t meet these standards. So Bite Back sprung into action. We spoke to MPs and Government decision-makers, and our campaigning paid off: the Government launched a pilot to monitor and actually enforce the standards.

But our work’s not done. School food is still not up to scratch in too many canteens, and we need to keep making noise to change this. We’re collecting photographic evidence of school food all around the country to help prove to those in power that change is needed.

You can help! Send us a photo of your school food, and learn more about your legal right to good food so you can speak up in your canteen.