6 young people standing in front of a Pepe's Chicken Shop. They are from left to right Jacob, Mia, Alice, Dev, Tasha and Srilakshmi

Junk food has us surrounded. From the moment we’re born, every second of every day, we’re targeted with clever marketing tactics. Junk food companies use every opportunity to advertise their unhealthy food to us and it’s endangering our health.

Why are some companies making the majority of their profits from unhealthy products? Why are they using manipulative tactics that they know appeal to kids?

At Bite Back, we want food companies to Fuel Us Don’t Fool Us!

Sign our open letter here and ask food and drink manufacturers to

  • Sell less junk…and more healthy food.
  • Switch it up so marketing that appeals to children only goes on healthy products.
  • Be more honest with us - stop using misleading health and climate claims.

In addition to our national campaigns we have also been working hard in our local areas to drive change. That includes commissioning research to lay bare just how cynically food and drink companies target us through sports marketing. Through the eyes of young sports fans, we focused on football — the nation’s most popular sport.

We’ve also called out one of the worst examples of junk food sponsorship in sports we’ve ever seen — KP Snacks’ sponsorship of The Hundred cricket tournament. If it’s not ridiculous enough that players run around the pitch dressed as giant crisp packets, nearly three-quarters of the flagship KP products featured are so unhealthy that they can’t be advertised to children on TV or online*. Yet here they are, plastered over the players’ kits in a cricket tournament aimed at families.

*By 'flagship products' we mean all products from each brand that were available to purchase on the Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda websites on 30th June 2023, and individual packs only, not variety bags. Nutrition information was taken from the Tesco website only.