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We believe every young person deserves access to healthy, nutritious food — but right now, that’s not our reality. Join the youth-led movement for change.

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It should be easy for us to eat healthily - it isn’t. The food system is rigged against us, flooding our world with junk food then putting billions into marketing that makes it impossible to resist. We can and must redesign that system to protect the health and futures of millions of children. 

We are tired of adults and experts leading the conversation on child health — it’s our health and futures on the line! We're leading a movement of young people to step up and take charge of the conversation. Listen up for our voices on national radio, TV and online: we’re not stopping until every child has access to healthy and nutritious food!

Young People in Power

Dev Youth Summit

National Youth Board

Our fearless leaders, Emily Yanchuk and Dev Sharma head up our National Youth Board — young activists from all over the UK pushing for the Government to keep their promise and urgently protect child health.

Birmingham Youth Board

Our Birmingham campaigners — headed up by Yumna Hussen and Ileen Sami — were only brought together last year, but we’ve already spearheaded a campaign asking the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, to end junk food advertising on all buses, trams and trains. Learn more about the work of our Birmingham Youth Board so far and how you can support them.

Birmingham Youth Board
London Youth Board member Destiny addressing a speaker

London Youth Board

Led by Becky Odoi and Destiny McCatty, our London Youth Board recently published their manifesto ‘Bombarded by junk food: Our story’, calling for an end to junk food adverts in London. They’ve already had some positive responses and met with public health teams and council representatives from Tower Hamlets, Enfield, Hackney and Lambeth. Watch this space for our next steps after the local elections.

School Food Champions

School is our best opportunity to ensure every child has access to a decent, nutritious meal every day. Right now, this is not the case, step into our canteens and find a flood of junk food options. To tackle this we launched School Food Champions and to date, more than 1,200 young people from over 150 schools have worked to identify what they want to change about our school food — and launched social action projects to make it happen.

School Food Champions celebrate with their awards
All Community Food Champions at the launch event in Leeds

Community Food Champions

Do you have many places to hang out in your local community that aren’t junk food shops? Have you ever noticed whether there’s affordable fruit and vegetables close to where you live? Or if the ads you see at the bus stop are promoting healthy or unhealthy options? We are working with young people in communities across the UK to explore these issues and make big changes. 


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