Dev is a young brown skinned man with a navy blue shirt. He is stood around a table with Maya, who is a young woman with straight blonde-ish hair and Alice, a young woman with curly blonde hair. They are using craft paint and supplies to make protest signs. Alice and Maya are wearing blue aprons over their clothes.

At Bite Back, we’ve been campaigning for more free school meals for quite some time. We’ve hand-delivered our petition to Downing Street, made noise outside Westminster, and sent Jeremy Hunt over 12,000 emails. But the Government still hasn’t provided free school meals to all children who need them. You have great power to make sure the Government acts.

Right now, there are 900,000 children who are missing out on a hot, nutritious meal — and the wider benefits to their health, wellbeing and educational attainment — because the threshold for free school meals is so low.

Email the Secretary of State for Education and tell her to invest in young people by extending access to free school meals

From September 2023, all primary school children in London have access to free school meals — brilliant news! Free school meals boost physical and mental health, and improve both education attainment and potential lifetime earnings. They are an investment in our futures, and the future of our economy, and we’re thrilled that those children will enjoy the benefits.

While this is fantastic for primary school children in London, many of us are still missing out. That includes secondary school children in London, and both primary and secondary school children across the rest of the country.

The Secretary of State has the power to change this! While the Chancellor holds the purse strings, the Department of Education is responsible for schools and students. We need them to push for this policy. So, we want the Secretary of State for Education to meet with Bite Back’s young campaigners.

Will you take a moment to email the Secretary of State for Education, Gillian Keegan, and remind her that investing in free school meals unlocks the potential of young people across the country?