Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is Bite Back?

Bite Back is a youth activist movement. We challenge a food system that’s been set up to fool us all.

We’re surrounded by junk food. From the moment we’re born, every second of every day, we’re targeted. Now it’s seeping into our schools.

Big food companies manipulate us with clever marketing, whilst pumping products at us that are full of junk. It’s endangering the health of a generation: nearly a third of 2–15-year-olds are now at risk of developing food-related illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart disease in their futures. The good news? It’s totally preventable. We are biting back, redesigning our broken food system to protect the health and futures of millions of young people, no matter where they live.

How can I get involved?

Bite Back in Schools is your big opportunity! This year, you'll hear from us in an assembly, and in your lessons. You'll take part in some eye-opening sessions and gather evidence from your own school and community — so you can reveal the problems and injustices within our food system.

You can take action right here too: send us photos from around your local area, or raise your voice on other issues that matter to you. Take a look around, and welcome to the movement.

Who else is in the Bite Back movement?

There's a ton of us! You've joined thousands of other young people across the country — taking action in our schools, communities, and at a national level to make big change. Click here to learn more.

What are School Food Champions?

Got big opinions about your school food? Want to make new friends, and learn how to make change on the issues you care about right now in your own school? Become a School Food Champion! In this extra-curricular club you'll explore how your school food impacts your health, talk to your friends about the changes you’d all like to see. Then you take your findings to the teachers, canteen staff, and others with the power to help.

You'll meet weekly from January 2024, either after school or at lunchtime. Look out for posters in your school giving you more information — or chat to your teacher if you want to join.

How does the competition work?

For every action you take on the Bite Back platform, you’ll earn points. These points will contribute to your school’s total score — competing against 12,000 other students in 70 schools across the country to grab top place! The top five schools on the leaderboards on 1 January 2024 will win big prizes, including exclusive Bite Back merchandise and vouchers to spend on whatever your school chooses. The prizes your school can earn are:

  1. £2,000 in vouchers
  2. £1,000 in vouchers
  3. £500 in vouchers
  4. £250 in vouchers
  5. £100 in vouchers

To earn points, you need to take action. This includes spotting stories — uploading photos of junk food ads or shops in your local area — which will earn you 20 points every time! You can also take quizzes to arm yourself with the truth about a broken food system, or raise your voice in support of Bite Back’s campaigns. Click here to see the actions you can take.

What are you waiting for? Get going!

PS. ​Want to see the small print? Click here.

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