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Youth Leader Training Programme FAQs


What is your mission and why should it matter to me?

  • All young people should have the opportunity to thrive and be healthy, no matter where they live. We exist to make sure this happens.

  • We are all up against a flood of unhealthy food, pouring out from high streets, supermarket shelves and school canteens.  As a result, 3.3 million children are overweight and the UK has the worst childhood obesity rates in Western Europe.

  • We can solve this and close the floodgates but we need to act now. We can stem the tide of unhealthy foods and improve the flow of affordable, healthy options for young people.

How do I know if I qualify for the Youth Leader training programme?

We are looking for a group of inspiring young people in London, Birmingham and Manchester to become part of our cohort of Youth Leaders. All we ask is that you:

  • Will be aged 15 - 18 years old on the date that you attend the training day

  • Can commit to the Youth Leader programme for one year

  • Have an interest in child health and are passionate about making a positive difference to society for young people

  • Want to take an active role in helping Bite Back 2030’s mission to campaign for a better food system.

Which location should I apply for?

You should apply for the venue that you live closest to. A good indication of the location you should apply for is whether you can get there for a cost of £10, as that’s the amount of expenses we will be covering (see below for more detail on this),

  • Birmingham - 18th August

  • Manchester - 25th August

  • East London - 27th August 

I’m not close to any of the venues. Does this mean I have to miss out?

This is just the beginning of our Youth leader network! We will be growing our reach over the next couple of years and this means we’ll be conducting training in more cities across the UK. So please don’t worry if it’s not convenient for you to attend a training day this time around.  Be sure to keep an eye on the website in case we come to a city near you very soon!

I don’t know which mission area to select, should I be worried about this?

Not at all! You’ll be learning a huge amount at the first training day so you will soon know more than ever about the mission areas. If you’re able to select the areas that you think sound the most interesting to you, it will help ensure we help you get the most out of your day.

How long do I have to apply for the training day?

Applications open on Tuesday 21st April and close at midnight on Sunday 14th June.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

Although we would love to, we unfortunately cannot bring everyone to the training days that submits an application, as we have limited capacities. The good news is that even if you don’t get through to our training, you’ll become part of the Bite Back 2030 Youth Network and we’ll certainly stay in touch! This means you’ll have exclusive access to our private Facebook Group, plus we’ll send you our Online Campaigning Toolkit, so you will be able to use these tools for the work you’re doing in your own community. 

What can I expect on the day?

  • An all-day event (approx 10am - 4pm)

  • Exclusive access to inspiration and skills-workshops such as campaigning, and hear from a diverse group of guest speakers. This is a unique opportunity to join like minded young people from across the UK in a safe and inspiring space

What extras are included on the day?

  • Your Induction Pack

  • A delicious breakfast and lunch! Please include any dietary requirements on the Application Form.

What expenses are covered?

We will cover up to £10 roundtrip in travel expenses on the day.

How do I claim my travel expenses?

To claim travel expenses you will need to submit details of your journey (including tickets) to our accounts team with proof of purchase and your bank details. All claims should be made within three months of expenses being incurred.

What am I committing to by becoming one of Bite Back 2030’s Youth Leaders?

By attending training, you'll be committing to joining the movement! We understand that everyone has different commitments of their own, so participation will vary over the year. We do ask that at a minimum you will join a closed Facebook group following the initial training day, and be listed as one of our Bite Back 2030 Youth Leaders.  You will also be invited to attend our Youth Summit in October 2020, where you will have the opportunity to attend a second training session that morning!

What can I expect to happen once the training finishes?

You will receive your Induction Pack at the end of your first day and be asked to participate in a community project to complete ahead of the Youth Summit in October. You’ll already have got to know more about Bite Back 2030 and what kinds of campaigning you’ll be involved with over the coming months. 

What if I change my mind about being a Youth Leader?

We encourage you to read as much into Bite Back 2030 and our mission before you commit to joining the cohort. We’ll help you by sharing as much information as possible with you beforehand and we’ve created a training programme that we’re confident you’ll love! If you do decide to leave the cohort, we will make the process as simple as possible for you and you’ll receive a letter stating your official resignation.

What’s the Youth Board and why should I get involved?

At the heart of Bite Back 2030 is our Youth Board - a team of passionate teenage activists from across the UK who are campaigning for more opportunities to be healthy - and they would love you to join them! The Youth Board work really closely with the team at HQ - we chat to them every week - and they are involved with a lot of the decisions made by the senior team. 

Safeguarding and GDPR

Bite Back 2030 is committed to ensuring diversity, equality and representation throughout this recruitment process. To ensure we can eliminate discrimination, we ask for your cooperation in completing the questions on the application form.  The information you enter on this form will be used for monitoring purposes only.

I’m a parent, can you give me access to your GDPR policy?

There’s a box that I have to tick on the Application Form that says, ‘If successful, I understand that I will need to get this signed by my parent or guardian.' Why?

Bite Back 2030 has a commitment to keeping you safe whilst you are in our care. It is therefore important for us to have the permissions of your primary caregiver so that we can be sure they know where you are and what you’ve signed up to do.


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