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"Today the Government Listened to Us!"


Today the Government listened to us and announced they will be extending Free School Meal support over the summer! Thank you for adding your voice to this campaign, and for making a real difference to the lives of 1.3 million kids across the country, including me. This decision means we can have decent, healthy food over the summer and not spend six weeks not knowing what our next meal will look like. It will mean over a million young people are free like their peers to focus on the things we should be focused on, not whether or not we will be fed today.

This may not have happened without you. But this isn’t over yet. 

We shouldn’t have to have this fight every time we get to the holidays. Bite Back 2030 and I will keep campaigning for a permanent solution that supports our most vulnerable over the holidays, every holiday, and guarantees our right to a decent lunch.

This is a momentous day for us today. Your support has meant a great deal and I have been humbled to see over a quarter of a million people lend their voice to this ask. But the fight goes on! If you haven’t signed yet please sign and share the petition and let’s make sure we don’t find ourselves here again next summer.

And if you are (or if you know of) an inspiring teen who is passionate about creating real change in our food system like me, please apply to be a Youth Leader this summer! 

Thank you so much!


Christina Adane

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