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How Should the Ad Industry Respond to a New 9pm Watershed on Junk Food?


Boris’ new obesity plan is an excellent step forward when it comes to combating the battle against constant junk food advertising. But what now for those that work in the industry and who say fast-food companies are the most enjoyable accounts to work on because they come with the most creative license? 

Could this be a great opportunity to change the direction of advertising for the better by using it to make the healthy foods the stars in the minds of young people?

We know advertising works and is incredibly powerful. It creates lasting memories and life long brand associations for consumers. There is always heightened anticipation of what the year’s Christmas ads will bring - what will the clever marketers do this time? Make you laugh, sit up in shock or think? 

All of these tactics and all that creative brilliance can be used for the good to make advertising healthy food so much more appealing than it used to be.

So we thought we would get out in front and make a start!

Bite Back 2030 worked with One Minute Briefs to task their social media audience of creative thinkers to create a poster to advertise healthy food (fruit or veg) to a teen audience.  And here is our winner (along with the top 10 runner’s up). See what you think - could these ads be the future of the food industry? If nothing else they certainly prove that advertising healthy eating to a young audience does not have to be dull and boring. 

WINNER, Creator: @Liambatkins - This mock Nandos poster plays on the term young people use everyday to refer to the popular chain. There is nothing preachy here, it is a subtle but funny nudge that we felt teens would enjoy. This also got loads of votes from our Youth Board of teenage activists.


Stormzy with orange in mouth

Creator: @Faissalo

This one was also popular amongst our teen voters, indirectly encouraging them to eat fruit. It's simple yet effective, demonstrating the power of celebrity endorsement. You can imagine it being a version of the Got Milk? campaign.

And a few more that we loved…..

One Minute Brief

Creator: @akabryan_

One Minute Brief

Creator @Damian_Scot

Apple celebrity name

Creator: @SarahCure09

Apple iPhone vs real apple

Creator: @Rob0894

Avocado on toast for Instagram

Creator: @Flo_MCCC

While Generation Z might not spend ages on their food photos as millennials obsession with avocado, it does still resonate with this audience. Teens still care about their image and what they post. It’s part of growing up. We loved this parody of the over-stylised photos people take with food when they're out with mates. These green leaves just pop more than greasy fries?

Mock McDonald's ad

Creator: @Damian_Scott

If you have not seen our launch film, check it out here. This ad resonates with us because, like our launch film, it calls-out the fast-food industry for their manipulation of advertising unhealthy food directly to teenagers. We love the clever use of “don’t bite” as well!

Did somebody say just eat more veg

Creator: @Liambatkins

This is a very catchy song as it is, adding “eat more veg” would not be a hard feat. This is a great example of how these food delivery platforms could encourage a younger audience to reach for more sides of veg while ordering a favourite on the app. We know that Just Eat work with a lot of celebs to push their product so why not get them to promote veg instead?

Orange peel sustainable packagingCreator: @ZedTrafficker

We know that young people are incredibly climate-conscious and are fighting to reduce plastic packaging and food waste. This ad is great as it appeals to the plastic warriors and climate activists, in its simplicity of snacks with no harmful packaging to the environment they care so much about!

So you’ve now seen 10 incredible ways to advertise healthy food to a teen audience. This little bit of fun proves that advertising healthy food does not have to be seen as a chore but a chance to experiment and create exciting campaigns. We hope food companies and those working in the ad industry will see these great examples as a way to put healthy food in the spotlight and for them, to be the start of creating a movement of healthy advertising in the world of marketing and advertising.


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