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Big Campaign Win! The UK Government Will End Junk Food Advertising Online

Boris Johnson has listened to calls from Bite Back's young people and announced he will prioritise child health and end online junk food advertising.

The move comes after months of our Youth Board campaigning and taking on the ad industry, from publishing an exposé to telling their personal experiences of being bombarded by junk food ads to Government ministers. It means that new legislation will prevent companies like McDonald’s and Domino’s from advertising junk food online, paving the way for healthier options to be put in the spotlight instead.

It's a massive win for young people's health and all our hard work has paid off. We couldn't have done it without every Bite Back supporter who signed our letters to Matt Hancock, followed our meetings with MPs and shared the youth experiences far and wide. Thank you to every one of you — this is a win for all of us!

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