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Sign Our Open Letter to Influencers!

Add your name to help take unhealthy food out of the spotlight! The aim is to get as many people as possible to sign and with your help, we can work with influencers and businesses to try and cut back on the promotion of junk in your feeds.

Our Open Letter:

Dear Influencers, 

Everyday we see your pictures, we like, we comment, we share; we support you. Now we are asking you to support us. 

Underneath the filters and fine-tuning of your posts, you are just like me, a normal person. That’s precisely why people follow, trust and listen to what you have to say, and why over half of us teens have bought something endorsed by a Youtuber. 

It’s also why, if we see vloggers promoting sugary snacks, studies show we will eat 25% more of that food (that isn’t good for us) than we would’ve otherwise.

As your name suggests, you are in a powerful position and now we need you.

Let’s not sugarcoat this - Junk food is being given a starring role in our minds by people like you, and our health is at risk as a result.

We want you to pledge to STOP posting ads for fast food online. It’s not right that you’re paid to promote a lie when you have the power to tell the truth. 

We are asking you to use your influence to have a positive impact on thousands of young people; to use your stories to put healthy eating in the spotlight. We are asking you to use your feed to feed your followers healthier options. Together we can give future generations the best chance to live healthy and happy lives.

It's time for us to stand up and bite back. We believe the food industry needs to change to give every child equal opportunity to be healthy. Will you bite back with us and say no to them? #biteback2030


The Bite Back 2030 Youth Board

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