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“Out of business”? Think twice, the art of reinvention is here to save lives!

Bite Back 2030

We've been witnessing spaces that bring people together, such as cafes, restaurants and pubs, close in order to curb the spread of the virus. 

Suddenly an industry faced an immediate threat from unemployment and financial hardship. And for many, that meant diversifying to survive.

However big or small, whether a chain or a local - restaurants across the UK refused to take it lying down and instead reinvented themselves to serve a purpose!

While supermarkets are remaining open, operating on shorter hours in order to restock for the next day, they have been put under immense pressures from people stockpiling and leaving shelves empty - their behaviours being stirred by necessity as well as panic. 

Saving the situation, some restaurants have responded with thoughtful and clever ways to stay a float, while also offering support to the people, given the shortage of necessities.

Restaurants have now turned themselves into supermarkets! 

Big restaurant chains, such as LEON, are allowing customers to book a delivery slot a few days in advance. The LEON website sells ready meals, sauces, meats, and other food that customers can store and eat at home (Metro, 2020). 


Similarly, this has also been a reality for local niche restaurants, such as Apres Food co. Continuing to focus on good nutrition, Apres Food co. has set up a mini-supermarket and is selling pre-made meals (from their menu), as well as vegetables and dry goods from their suppliers. 

Apres Food Co

This week however, the initial anticipated delivery growth saw a decrease in delivery services across the country. As a result, there has been a decrease in deliveries because consumers are scared (The Financial Times, 2020).

We are now witnessing supermarkets themselves take the plunge to tackle food delivery and insecurity. As a food maker and shopkeeper, Morissons has given food banks 10million pounds to fight the coronavirus outbreak. 

Morissons will be “producing more fresh items from its own manufacturing sites and bolstering deliveries from its stores...running manufacturing sites for an extra hour each day to help restock them…” (The Guardian, 2020)


The current situation we find ourselves in has pushed for the demonstration of different yet poignant reinvention initiatives, developed to tackle the challenge we are facing. 

Determined, resourceful and creatively quick to act - that I guess is the world of hospitality, or is it just part of being human?

The opportunity and ability for transformation is infinite, especially at this time. Think outside the box, even though right now it might seem like you are in one.

The lesson to take away - think big, think twice, always!


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