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My Experience of Free School Meals in The Holidays


In the February half term, young people receiving Free School Meals like myself were given £15 each by the government to last over the holidays.

  • On day one, I had a BLT sandwich, a coke and a packet of crisps as part of a meal deal. It was a nice lunch as a treat, but not to have on a daily basis.
  • The next day I made my own ham and tomato toastie with some salad, and I ate some grapes as a snack. It was one of my favourite lunches because I got to make it. It was really tasty as well. 
  • On day three, I had another toastie with carrot sticks. I don’t normally have carrot sticks but it was a nice alternative. 
  • I had spaghetti hoops on toast with some salad on the side on the following day. It’s not my favourite, but it was good to have a change.
  • But the last day of the week was my favourite: We had fish and chips with salad.

So this is what I had with my vouchers for lunchtime for this week.

It was amazing to be able to have a range of different meals as they allowed us to try new foods, and have a filling meal for the day.

Unfortunately, many young people in places across the country weren’t as lucky as me and received little food or no help at all. 

Children’s health is so important, and parents should be given support in the holidays to feed their kids. 

It helps keep us active in the holidays, as someone who receives free school meals. I have seen an amazing difference in my concentration and my activeness all together.  

But I think there is still more to be done. Although I received the support, I know these vouchers aren’t working for everyone. For example, the boxes are an inconvenience for many people who have to go and collect them from school and may have to use public transport. 

"There needs to be a system that works for everyone."

There needs to be a system that works for everyone. Why don’t parents get offered the option of boxes or vouchers, as every family is different? There has to be more than one solution to help everyone.

When we’re given nutritious, quality food you can see that children thrive in life - no matter where they live. 

There needs to be a fixed solution. Why should young people be made to go hungry?

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