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Our Commitment To Safeguarding

The safety and wellbeing of our young people is our top priority. Read more about how we safeguard young people here.

Bite Back 2030 aims to protect the welfare of children and young people, who should be protected from abuse, harm and exploitation. We are committed to taking action in a timely manner, providing training for staff and key personnel, who know how to recognize, respond and report child protection and safeguarding concerns.  

As a youth-led organisation we acknowledge the importance of making all children and young people aware of their rights, when engaging with the organisation’s mission, programmes and activities. We will ensure to have briefed each child and young people on how they can recognise when something is wrong — either towards them or their peer(s) — and how they can report it. At Bite Back 2030 safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

At Bite Back 2030 all staff and associated personnel are obliged to:

  • Contribute to creating and maintaining an environment that prevents safeguarding violations and promotes the implementation of Bite Back’s 2030 Safeguarding Policy.
  • Report any concerns or suspicions regarding safeguarding violations by a Bite Back 2030 staff member or associated personnel to the appropriate staff member for safeguarding.
  • Take an NSPCC Safeguarding Training, complete a DBS check and uphold Bite Back’s Safeguarding Policy.

You can read our full safeguarding policies below: 


If you have concerns about the safeguarding of any of the young people working with Bite Back, or have witnessed or heard of a safeguarding incident, then please get in touch with our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Nicki Whiteman, by emailing

Useful websites:


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