EGT 2022 - Send a photo of junk food in your local area

Whether it's your local chippie or a billboard advertising a cheap burger — we want to know what's in your world that's making it easier or harder to access healthy and nutritious food.

🚶 Take a walk around your local area

🍲 Pause when you see an advert for food or drink, or a place that sells food and drink.

📍 Use the button below to tell us the location.

📸 Take and upload a picture of the advert or shop.

You'll receive points for every photo you upload, so get going! You won't see these appear immediately in your account, but we'll award them soon and let you know when they've arrived.

Send us a photo of a shop or advert

Click the button above to allow us to pin your location

Supported formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, WEBP. Maximum filesize: 10.0 MB.

There's no right or wrong answer — just make your best guess.