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Boris Johnson: We Kept Our Promise. Now Will You Keep Yours?

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Dear Boris Johnson, 

Over the past year we have all made sacrifices — including young people who have stayed at home, stopped going to school, missed exams, birthdays, and seeing friends — all to protect the health of others. We have all kept our promises. Now, will you keep yours? 

We’re now approaching the anniversary of your strategy to improve child health and reduce obesity — but these policies are still just on paper, not in practice.  You promised to make sure young people were “properly fed” at school, to stop the bombardment of junk food ads, to make healthier food cheaper, and to put clear labels on products so we know what we are really eating. All we want is a level playing field where nutritious options are put into the spotlight too so we set the stage for all young people’s health.

Children’s health can’t be delayed another year. You have a chance now to drive a generational shift in child health, and make sure every young person has the opportunity to be healthy, no matter where they live or the colour of their skin. 

Will you keep your promise?


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