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Act Now to Protect Child Health — #AdEnough


Millions are being spent giving junk food a starring role in young people’s minds and it is deeply damaging for our health. 

Now 16-year-old Dev has written to the Health Minister calling for an end to our relentless exposure to online junk food advertising.  And he’s asking everyone under 18 in the UK to sign it with him.

Surely, if enough young people sign Dev’s letter Matt Hancock will have to act to protect young people?


Dev’s Letter

Dear Matt Hancock,

My name is Dev, I’m 16 and live in Leicester. 

The Government’s own research shows young people are being exposed to more than 15 billion online adverts for junk food every year. That’s a number I can’t even begin to try and comprehend. And the numbers are up during lockdown.

We need to end this bombardment of young people now because it is proven to make us crave too much, buy too much, pester parents too much, and ultimately eat too much junk.  This is seriously bad for our health during a pandemic when our health should be top priority. 

I was glad to hear the Government has held a consultation on ending junk food advertising online. But we all know young people don’t engage with Government consultations. Meanwhile an army of lobbyists and industry-funded think tanks are waging war on this common sense policy and seeking to undermine children’s health.

Given that this policy is all about young people and our health would you find time to meet with me and other young people to hear our first hand experiences and explain why we want to see an end to online advertising of junk food? 

Many thanks,


Dev Sharma

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