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Bite Back 2030 Privacy Notice for Children


Hey kids (and parents)! 

Thanks so much for being part of the Bite Back 2030 movement — we hope you’re having fun getting involved with our campaigns, and know what a big impact you’re making on the world around you. 

We’ve written this document (called a ‘Privacy Notice’) because it’s important to us that you know how we use information about you when you or your parent/guardian interact with us, and for you to know that we keep this information safe.

If you don’t understand something, please ask an adult you trust to help you, or talk to us below).

If you are 16 or older, a parent/guardian of a child, or what we say here is too basic for you, check out this version of our Privacy Policy.

What details do we have about you and where do we get them from?

When we talk about “information about you”, this can mean a few different things:

  • Anything about you that you, or your parent/guardian, has sent to us, such as your name, photograph, age, date of birth, videos of you, where you live, what year of school you are in, gender, phone number or email for you or your parent/guardian, name of your parent/guardian, your activities and your hobbies.
  • Details about you that we might get without asking. This could be because it is available to the public, like on Facebook  or Instagram. We give you more information about this in our ’When We Don’t Ask Your Consent’ section  below.
  • Information that comes from a computer tool called cookies. We ask you if it’s OK for us to have that and give more information about this below.

Please do not send us any information that you don’t want us to have, or any private information about you, your family or your friends. If you reveal very private, special, or sensitive information about you, including your health (including allergies), religion or race/ethnicity, you confirm that you consent for us to have it and we will ask you for your consent to use it and share it in different ways.

How and why do we use information about you? Will anyone else see it?

When We Ask Your Consent

If we need to, we will ask you or your parent/guardian if it’s OK to use information about you (this is called asking for your ‘consent’). If, after this, you change your mind and don’t want us to use your information at any time, you or your parent/guardian can let us know (this is called ‘withdrawing your consent’) and we will delete your information straight away. To do this you can talk to us (see below) or ask your parent/guardian for help.

We will never include you in a photograph or video unless you or your parent/guardian tells us it is OK or signs a contract with us first. We may need to use information about you to make that contract happen, or any other contract we have with you or your parent/guardian (such as if you enter a competition or ask for a service from us). We will tell you more about this at the time.

When you first use this website, a message will appear that asks you about your cookie choices. This is so we can ask you or your parent/guardian if it’s OK for us to use a computer tool called ‘cookies’ (not something you can eat, unfortunately!). With help from other businesses, we use this tool to:

  • see if our advertising works
  • get information about how you use our website, such as what type of computer/phone/tablet you use, where you came to our site from, and which pages you look at
  • make our website better
  • allow you to complete forms on our website like letters to politicians
  • show you words in a local language 
  • allow you to share or ‘like’ something from this website on social media
  • ensure our website is secure
  • see how you use our website with social media

You should talk to an adult you trust to make sure you understand and are happy with what this means before you click ‘accept’ to say it is OK. If you are unsure about this, don’t change any settings but simply click ‘reject and close’ and we won’t use your information in these ways. We record if you have said yes or no to this, so we won’t ask you again and we will make sure we stick to what you said. For more detail about this, ask an adult you trust to read our Cookies Notice and explain it to you, and contact us if you want to know more.

We will never sell information about you to anyone.

When We Don’t Ask Your Consent

Sometimes we don’t need to ask if it’s OK to use information about you, as long as we have a proper reason (the law calls this a ‘legitimate interest’), but we will never use information about you that might cause you harm or be unfair to you without asking, because we always put what is best for you first.

We think we have a proper reason not to ask where:

  • We love to share campaign ideas and activities with you and other people through this website, our social media pages, and other publications. We may use anything about you (eg, your name, your words, your photographs or your social media profile) that you or your parent/guardian have shared with us, such as if you talk to us or interact with us in person, on our website or social media. We may share these with our audiences, our other businesses and businesses we work with to tell them about all the great work we are doing with our community.

Please make sure you only send information about you that you are happy for us to see and share. You should make sure that anything you send to us (such as art, a photograph, or a comment) belongs to you, doesn’t break any laws, is only ever nice and not rude or nasty, and anyone else who is part of what you send us is OK with you sending it to us. If you’re not sure about this, talk to a trusted adult.

If you make and send something to us (such as pictures, photographs, videos, reviews, recipes, questions, comments, competition entries, posts on social media), or your parent/guardian sends it to us, we may use or edit it and allow others to use it in any medium forever with our audiences, our other businesses and businesses we work with, so please do not send it if you are not OK with this. If we decide not to use what you make and send to us, we will delete it when it is no longer relevant after you send it to us. We don’t have to pay you for using what you make and send to us. We may tell people information about you, like your name, social media profile and age, so they know who made it. If we want to become the owner of what you make and send to us, we will tell you more about that at the time and you can choose if you want to send it to us or not.

  • We need information about you to make sure that everything you get from us is appropriate and what you would be interested to see.
  • Information about you can help us learn more about people that like us, so we can make and do better things, and tell our audiences about that in the best way.
  • The law tells us to do something like to make sure that an adult is your parent/guardian, that you are old enough to do something or that no one who interacts with us is breaking the law. In that case, we may need more information about you to show that you are old enough or that an adult is your parent/guardian and we will tell you more about this at the time.
  • You asked for our help and we want to give you our help.
  • We need to keep you and others safe. We will get names, contact information and video recordings of everyone who comes into our office including you. We have big signs next to the video cameras in our office, so you know where they are. We may also use information about you so that we can look after you if a person reports to us that they are worried about your safety, and we will always tell your parent/guardian if this happens.
  • We work with other businesses that help us run our company (by giving us computers, online, communication, photography, video and security tools) and help us give you what you have asked us for, and they might use information about you as they do their job.
  • We might tell your parent/guardian if we need to, such as if you want to enter a competition.

When we do this we will always keep information about you safe and we will only use what we need for this. If you want to know how we keep this information safe, ask a trusted adult to read our Privacy Notice and explain it to you, and talk to us (see below) if you want to know more.

We are in the United Kingdom. Some other companies and people we share information about you with are outside the United Kingdom. We make sure that information about you is always safe and we won’t send anything to anyone we haven’t told you about.

When you interact with us on social media like Facebook or Instagram (eg, if you ‘like’ or comment on something we post, tag us, use our hashtag) or you interact with other businesses, they have their own rules so make sure you read those and ask your parent/guardian to help you understand it.

Who are we? 

We are a youth-led movement campaigning for every young person to have access to healthy, nutritious food, no matter where they live. . Our proper name is Bite Back 2030 Limited. If you want to talk to us or have a problem, you should:

  • Send us a message here.
  • Send a letter to:

Bite Back 2030 Limited

Benwell House 

15-21 Benwell Road


N7 7BL

United Kingdom

What can you do with the information we have about you?

You can ask us at any time if you want to see, change, delete, or stop us using information about you. If you want to do that, we would be very happy to help and you can talk to us (see above). Ask a trusted adult if you want help to make this happen. You and your parent/guardian can see more information about what you can do here.

If you are not happy about what we are doing with information about you, it would be great if you could tell us first, but you can also tell the government at or by calling 0303 123 1113.

How long will we keep information about you?

We will only keep information about you for as long as we interact with you, or if the law asks us to keep it for a time, and delete it after that.


Keep up!

Join our movement! We’ll be in touch with opportunities to raise your voice to get the big players in business and government to act for every young person’s right to health.

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